Special Pastoral Projects

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The Social and Pastoral projects of the Parish centre on taking care of the physical and spiritual needs of the Christians. To make this work a CARITAS was created.

The group meets regularly to see special appeals and cases of poverty to discern how it can help.

Members of the Caritas Committee visit our poor three times a year. Small gifts of food, soap, money and, sometimes, clothes or cutlery are distributed to them. The daily alms are directed to the caritas fund.

The hermitage of Tabor that helped in the spiritual life of all is out of use. Prospect are on the way to renovate it with the passing of time.

 Every SCC organises visits to the poor, the sick and the old in their neighbourhoods several times a year with clearing the compound, bringing firewood and food...this tradition has started dying out in recent times.


Our newsletter has a circulation of 600 copies every Sunday. With the insertion of other things like Health corner, poens are others, the liking and consequently demand has increased immensely.

The volunteers of SETEM, a Calasanzian Development Non Governmental Organisation, have not been coming again for these past few years; however the community through the director of the socio-educative centre has been organising holiday activities with the monitors for our children.

The Sects are increasing their presence in the area. ‘Full Gospel’ has its headquarters in Nkwen, and other ones are approaching the youth of the Parish. Wan church; amongst other small sects distract some of our faint hearted Christians. We rely on the SCCs for fighting against this problem in the quarters.


We normally hold a meeting every January with the Presbyterian church of Nkwen and prepare the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which is held simultaneously in our various churches and it is very well attended.

We have co-operated in various activities with other churches and we usually inform one another about foundation stones, fund raisings, etc... The youth of the Presbyterian Church participate in some common activities prepared by our own.