Porpular Devotions

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The October Lenten devotions are increasing. During Stations of the Cross, some Christians do attend but would leave after the stations without attending the Holy mass. The Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is on the rise because of the presence of the perpetual adoration chapel. However Thursday adoration is almost dying out because of the absence of the brothers and the sisters. 

The SS.HH. Association holds their Adoration the same day after the Mass. The Blue Army has an all night Vigil every First Friday. The Pilgrimage to our “Mount Calvary” on Ascension Day is increasing in number and participation every year. And also the celebration of a Parish Pilgrimage each year to Ntelah to the shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Nkwen, the first Sunday of February, has become part of our Parish’s life.

Several novenas: (St. Joseph, Immaculate, Holy Spirit...), triduums (B1. Faustino, St. Joseph Calasanz...) and vigils (Pentecost, Immaculate, Big Day Maria, Holy Thursday...) are held during the year. We have introduced the practice of an itinerant Station of the Cross from Mission Station to Mission Station on the Fridays of Lent with the Lenten cross.