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We count now with the collaboration of eight catechists in futru, , Menteh, Manda, Nebung, Mbelewa, Mboung and Mbelem. The catechists of Futru and Nebung mission stations have been trained at the Maryvale Institute. The rest are not trained catechists, but their work is very valuable. Only one of them, the one of Futru is a full time catechist. Each last Saturday of the month we have an encouraging morning of celebration, formation and planning... finishing with a breakfast together. We continue celebrating successfully the feast of the catechists.

They are responsible of the Christian life of their mission stations, namely: of the catechumens, of the sick and of the needy, of the care of the churches buildings and of the mission station’s compounds, of the sharing of the farming plots, of the visiting to the Christian families, of the leading of the mission station Pastoral Council, of the SCCs, etc


In our beloved parish, adult catechumenate has not quite taken root. This is because there are always very few candidates because of the influence of our primary schools and the children and youth groups which give opportunity of reception of sacrament of initiation at very early ages. How ever, the few candidates who present themselves are given catechesis separately from the children.