Calasanzian Sisters

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Calasanzian Sisters

Calasanz Institute Daughters of the Divine Shepherdess (Calasancias) as they are better known around the world has as founder F.Faustino Míguez in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz) in 1885. The institute received Papal approval in 1910.

Apart from the group in Our Parish in Bamenda Cameroon, the Calasanzian Sisters are present in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,  Equatorial Guinea.

About the Founder 

Blessed Faustino Míguez (1835, Acebedo del Río, Orense-1925, Getafe), Founder of the Calasanz Institute of the Daughters of the Divine Shepherdess for the complete education of women, considered as “the soul of family and society”. He spent the last 25 years as a Piarist of his long life in the College of Getafe. The solemn beatification took place in Rome on October 25th 1998. 








First Profession of Five Sisters 

Five Calasanzian Sisters have made their First Profession which is one of the major steps to becoming a Calasanzian Sister daughter of the Divine Shepherdess. The event August 27, 2016 was witnessed by the  Vicar General of the Calasazian Sisters with Seat in Rome. The Provincial Superior of the Piarist Fathers for Central Africa Rev Fr Evaristus Akem led the Profession Mass together with other Calasazian Fathers from within and without the Parish. 

Congratulations Sisters